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Avenue Business Consulting helps you stabilize, streamline, and scale your business.

We provide you with the analysis, process, and support needed to reach your greatest business goals.

We can support you in the following ways:

We work primarily on projects within:

Food & Beverage2020-03-23T18:11:35-06:00

In Hospitality, the Food & Beverage prevails. We cater our services in the Food & Beverage industry mostly to restaurants, cafés, pubs, bars, fast-food joints, delis, cafeterias, food manufacturing businesses and catering businesses.

Wellness & Fitness2020-03-23T20:16:45-06:00

We work mostly with all types of beauty salons, such as hairstylist studios, nail salons and cosmetic & personal care salon. We also work with gym & fitness facilities, yoga studios, spa & wellness retreats and complementary and alternative medicine facilities.


In the retail industry, we work mostly with clothing stores, specialty stores, variety stores and franchise stores.


We work mostly with lodging and bed & breakfast businesses.


We work with B2B and B2C online businesses to help develop the online selling platform and work out the logistics of an online business.

Avenue is proudly bilingual, allowing us to expertly help both English and French-speaking clients.

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