Hello to you, welcome here!

Let me start by introducing myself a little. My name is Andreanne Gaudet, and I am a Montreal native, but currently living in beautiful Calgary since 2017 when I was in search of a new professional challenge.

It is in late 2019, that I launched my consulting company, Avenue Business Consulting. For the people who have known me closely for years, it wasn’t so surprising to them at all that I would one day go into entrepreneurship, where I can be creative and run my own business.

When I was young, I already was a highly organized and disciplined kid. I was around 10 years old, and I would love to have my closet color-coded and organized by style. On top of that, my room was always tip-top, mad always made, nothing on the floor, all my drawers with my barbie dolls and toys, organized. I definitely get that from my dad, thanks dad!

Also, when I was 14-15, to earn some money, I was babysitting kids in my neighborhood. I was babysitting approximately 10-12 kids. During a summer, there was no summer camps, so I was put in charge of babysitting, for two weeks, my younger brother, who was maybe 10 years old at the time and my three neighbors, who were all sisters. The eldest was the same age as my brother, and the youngest being approximately 5 years old. Their mother had very well informed me that we were not to watch TV the whole day for 2 weeks. As the little overachiever and performer that I was, I went and planned out activities for us 5 to do for 2 weeks. Everyday, I had planned a different activity, so they would have fun and enjoy their time. I had activities planned such as cooking to building something, to going to a park, to playing board games, etc. It was summer camp at Andreanne’s!

When I look back, some things were innate in me like organization, discipline, creating, planning, executing, supervising, and wanting to help and serve others.

It is later in my life, in 2008 from 2017, where I put those skills to work when I studied for and became a peace officer back in Quebec. All those personality traits and skills were particularly useful in being successful in that field. It was around 2016, when I was in search of a new challenge as I hate to feel stagnant in my life, and I need to develop and fulfill myself personally and professionally. I had an amazing experience there and met so many amazing people and made friendships I will cherish for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I felt there was something missing for me, which was the liberty to create something, and be in a position where I could take impactful decisions. That I definitely get from my mom…Thanks to you too Mom!

From there, I moved to Calgary in 2017, and started a new career as a General Manager in the Food & Beverage Industry, where I would be able to utilize all those same skills in addition to being creative in my work.

I was given an amazing opportunity to fulfill myself professionally, and I ended growing and learning many new skills on top of learning a lot about myself. It was 3 years of my life where I have grown the most through meeting many new people and many challenges. I absorbed like a sponge as much as could about how to develop a business, creating and implementing business systems and protocols, developing a marketing strategy, people management, coaching and leadership. I was out of my comfort zone, and I loved it.

Nothing grows from comfort!

After 3 years, in late 2019, I went ahead and decided to take on a new challenge which was to leverage all my skills, what I was good at, and what I have learnt into creating and launching my own consulting company, which specializes in operation optimization, efficiency and streamlining operations to create a stable, scalable and profitable business.

Entrepreneurship allows me to utilize my skills, to be passionate about what I do, and the ability to create and help others. This is why I created

My mission is to live a life where I have the ability to share my knowledge, and to meet other people whom I can also learn from. I am a big advocate of synergy, and I am excited to work synergistically with other entrepreneurs and business owners to elevate small businesses, as I believe they are the ground level to our economy and our communities.

I value collaboration, knowledge, respect and integrity, and Avenue transpires those values in our approach with our clients. We want to utterly understand your need and your ”why” and develop jointly a strategy that will perfectly fit your need and goal(s).

So, this is me, and I can’t wait to get to know more about you all and create long-lasting relationships through collaboration and teamwork!