Today is June 1st, 2020, and as I reflect back on this year so far, I am also looking at what lies ahead.

This month, I am becoming one year older, and as I reach closer to my 30’s, I reflected back on the best advices I have been given in my life, on all the things that have made me into the go-getter woman that I am, and I wanted to share that with you all.

It’s funny how sometimes someone will tell you something, that they will not remember telling you, but it somehow stuck with you. I have a few of those. Let’s start.

1. You are the average of the people you surround yourself with.

Years ago, my mentor told me that I am the average of the people I surround myself with, and it just stuck with me. I strongly believe you are the average of the 5 closest people to you, but also the average of who they surround themselves with. The 5 closest people to you are also affected by their 5 closest, and so it goes on and on. Therefore, you are the average of who you surround yourself with, and who THEY surround themselves with.

I then, took the time to take a deep honest look at my circle, and decided to remove negative relationships from it. Therefore, I have since surrounded myself with positive, fun, honest, genuine, and intelligent individuals. I choose my circle of influence very carefully because I understand the positive of negative impact it can have on my mindset, my goals, and MY LIFE.

2. What your mind believes, it achieves

Be mindful what you feed your brain as it shapes the world around you accordingly.

If you anchor in your brain positive thoughts and affirmation, such as “I am beautiful person”, “I am a capable person”, “I deserve what is best for me”, you will notice how life has an interesting way to provide you with what you desire and deserve. If you constantly let negativity enter your brain, and let it make its way to your subconscious, you train yourself unconsciously to see negativity everywhere.

Know that whether you fill your brain with positive or negative thoughts, your world will be shaped to reflects those thoughts. The more positive you are, the higher you vibrate, the more life will either be fun and filled with opportunities or it will seem sad, unfulfilling, and unfair. Be positive and always be on the lookout for opportunities.

3. A vision combined with actions equals reality

To want something and having a vision for it is not merely enough for it to become true. You can’t hope for something to happen, or for life to give you new opportunities, if you do not put some work in first. You need to take massive and repetitive actions aligned with your goal(s) for it to become reality. Life will reward you, but you have to make the first moves.

Take actions and trust that the wheel will be in motion!

4. When they go low, we go high – Michelle Obama

In my life, I’ve met bullies, I’ve met people who thrive on bringing others down with them and gossip about others. And I am certain you have to. What I learned is that not all actions need a reaction. If they decide to go low, you do not need to bring yourself down to their level and respond.

Between the action of someone else, which we will call a stimulus, and your reaction, there’s a reaction time. This time, this space, is where you have the innate capability to analyze the stimulus and figure out the best response or reaction.

Use this time that is built into our brain, to ask yourself if this stimulus deserves a reaction from you. Sometimes, the best response is no response, but if you do decide to react, make sure your reaction vibrates at the same level that you aspire to be.

5. Be comfortable being uncomfortable

I think I have touched this topic in a previous article, but it never gets old. Nothing grows out of comfort.

I deeply believe that if you are comfortable, you are stagnant, you do not grow, and you do not evolve. Of course, comfort can be satisfying and safe, but life has so many opportunities to give to people willing to step out of their comfort zone.

Starting my own business has been scary and uncomfortable because it is new, and there is a lot of “figuring it out as I go”, but this last year has been by far the most rewarding and fulfilling year of my life. I have personally become accustomed to being out of my comfort zone, and I have never regretted it.

Try a new sport, start a new hobby, travel to a new destination…Just do something today that makes you a little uncomfortable, and keep doing that until being uncomfortable is just part of your routine.

You will realize you are much more capable that you might have initially believed!

There are many more advices that I have learned or that I could share with you from my personal journey, but these are 5 main ones that have accompany me since this last year, and I hope they reach you the way they reached me.

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