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My Favorite Business Tools of 2020


Quickbooks has been around the corner for quite some time now, and it  has shown us why. It is a very affordable app ($4,99/mo) which makes it an ideal choice for new entrepreneurs and start-ups. It has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, which allows you to track your income & expenses, send out invoices, track your mileage and have your GST summary ready. We’ve tried it, we loved it. 


Freshbooks is also an amazing platform with a lot of similarities to Quickbooks. Although, it is slightly more expensive, starting at $15,00/mo. Mileage tracking is not available in the app, but there are apps such as Everlance which have a very easy integration with Freshbooks.

In conclusion, Quickbooks caters more to product-based companies, as opposed to Freshbooks which is built to be useful for solopreneurs and start-ups. Although, the deciding point might be on the budget you have for the monthly fee, and if mileage tracking is important for you!

Google Drive

Google Drive is our prime choice. There is also the very well known Dropbox, which is also available. Both have great offers, although I personally prefer Google Drive. There is no fee, and you start with up to 15GB of cloud storage. The browser is very intuitive, and file sharing is made very easy. Google Drive also has 800 millions users, which makes it easy to collaborate with other Google Drive users, and other softwares such as Asana and Slack (see further below). With Google Drive, you also can work offline on your work, and once connected to Wifi, all the work will be uploaded to the cloud. You can work anywhere, anytime!  

For customer engagement: Instagram

Love it or hate it, Instagram can be a great tool for your business. It has 1 billion active users to this date. Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to share pictures and videos, and to connect and engage with your customers and fans, across the world. It is a great app for customer engagement. The visual feed helps you share with your customers what your brand identity, mission and goals are. Instagram can definitely be a powerful tool when used properly.

 For social media management: Social Pilot

A great software that allows you to automate your social media management. Who wouldn’t benefit from that! You can schedule your posts, and easily share them across your social media platforms. Additionally, it offers analytics on your social media content to analyze the performance and see where you could improve and maximize your marketing efforts.

Google Analytics

For any business, it’s all about the numbers, especially if you have a new one. Google Analytics is the online analytics software operated by Google. It helps you identify and analyze some key demographics of your audience and how much traffic your website generates. A great tool to shape your marketing strategy.


The mighty Slack is a complete and intuitive software that brings communication at the office into the 21st century. All your communication, tools and files can be brought together into one platform.

For motivation: Audible & Spotify

Whether you are more of the audiobook type or the podcast type, Audible and Spotify are great apps to have on your phone. You have access to instructive and empowering podcasts on Spotify, and some amazing motivational audiobooks on Audible. Vibrate high and attract what you want by maintaining a good attitude and mindset.   

 To stay sharp: Sleep Cycle

It is known that sleep deprivation leads to making riskier, less thought-through decisions, and could lead to sabotaging all of your good business efforts. No matter how long you sleep, ensure you maximize the quality of your sleep by using Sleep Cycle. It is a free app, and it will analyze your sleeping patterns, and make sure to wake you up at the optimal time within the alarm window you have set, helping you waking up and feeling refreshed.


Eventbrite is a free app that allows you to search for and purchase tickets to events near you, and also allows you to promote and sell tickets to an event you are hosting. Great app with more than 200 million users. 

Google News

Personally, I love the Google news app. It is user-friendly, and allows you to filter which category of news you are mostly interested in. As a business owner, it is important to stay informed of what goes on around you to assess what could potentially impact your business or how you do business. It will also enable you to take an active part in conversations around you and leave a long-lasting good impression.